We are intensely devoted to preserving the xoloitzcuintle breed! The health and longevity of every dog we produce are among our highest priorities. We've been involved in the breed for over 10 years and have only fallen more in love with their goofy personalities. Xolos are a high drive high energy breed and excell in homes where they get plenty of family time, exersize, and mental stimulation. They are extremely intelligent and will get themselves in trouble if not socialized and trained correctly. That being said, a well trained well exersized xolo makes a fabulous addition to any family. They do wonderfully with kids as long as they are introduced and raised together. 

My puppies are handled daily and given lots of attention from day one.  They are born in a welping box and grow up in my livingroom. we start training them to use a dog door at four weeks and they are usually completely trained to use the doggie door at 12 weeks when they go to their new homes. We work on leash training, and a tiny bit of basic obedience from 8-12 weeks. However, that doesnt mean your puppy will be trained before it comes home. I just try to start them on the right path before they go to their new homes.

 I worm them at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks with Pyrantel Pamoate and they are given Drontal Plus before they leave our home.   They receive a NeoPar vaccine at 5 1/2 weeks and their first two 5 way puppy shot at 8 and 10 weeks old.   If you are interested in a xolo puppy, please fill out the "Xolo puppy Application" on the home page. Please contact me for current availability as the website may not be updated frequently.

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Twylah is a 5 month old purebred coated xolo from our  Chica x WayWay litter and she is  looking for her forever home. 

Twylah is great with other dogs, She is crate trained, leash trained, knows all the basic commands (sit, down, heel, & stay). She is completley house trained to a dog door. She enjoys sitting on the couch and watching TV with us but also loves hiking and playing.   

Coated xolos are the exact same in personality, trainability, and intelligence as the hairless variety except they have a short tight coat.  Perfect for families who live in colder climates, but they also do just fine in hot climates as well because the coat is short. They do shed but its minimal. 

 she would be a perfect fit for a young, active family, as she will need exercise and training in the future.  With an active lifestyle, she will make a perfect addition to the family. 

She will be placed on a spay/neuter contract. Both of her parents are fully health tested. Hips, Heart and Eyes are all tested. Certified Good/Excellent on hip radiographs and certified normal for cardiac and eye exams. You are welcome to look them up on OFA.org by their registration numbers.  


CH Amayla's Chica de Cuero Caliente "Chica"

AKC # NP57110702 

(Major Pointed) Amayla's Kissed By Fire "WayWay"

AKC # NP54833205