Chloe puppy

Hi Amy!
I bought a pup from you approx. 5 years ago and just wanted to touch base. I have absolutely enjoyed my girl, every single day from the very first day I got her. She has a big "Texas" personality... meaning she is larger than life, not shy and still very sweet. I couldn't be more happy with her! I still have my other 3 iggies; and about a year ago, I rescued a full size (former racer) greyhound. (I did have a dalmatian, but she died of old age) They all get along fabulously! And I know I shouldn't say this but my little Texas girl is my favorite... (although I do love them all very much). Also, I would be more than happy to give you great references, but I'm sure you have many willing to do that, haha! Anyhow, I just wanted to give you a sincere Thank You for such a wonderful little girl.

Gloria Matusko
Philipsburg, PA 9/6/2012

Chloe 3

My fiance and I researched for a long time for the perfect dog and for the perfect breeder, that's when we found Amy Wise. I called Amy expressing my interest in buying a puppy and when I did she explained to me the entire process, the food the pups were fed, the vet visits they would receive, and more. Soon after our first conversation, I decided to make my first payment towards a decision I soon would realize was one of the best I had ever made. During the process of buying my first puppy Amy would give me updates on her health, her mannerisms, and would also send updated pictures. Amy kept in constant contact with me, answered in a speedy time frame, and answered any question I had. When the puppy arrived she was so well mannered, cuddly, playful, and I have not had any problems with potty training. My family loves her and are even considering buying one themselves! If so, it will definitely be from Amy because she was a great pleasure to converse with during the entire process!

Reviewer: Kelly, October 23, 2011 Thanks to Amy...

We now have a beautiful and loving new family member. Our little girl Reni is so sweet and she is the perfect fit for our family. Amy and family did a wonderful job preparing her to come home with us and our two boys! I can not thank the Wise family enough for their love and caring of our sweet girl before she came to us. She is perfect in every way! Thanks again Wise Family....

Reviewer: Tara, July 18, 2010 Atalia Venese Gallo

We purchased an Italian Greyhound from Amy Wise. She is Atalia and she was born in November 2009. She was shipped to us in January 2010. Amy kept in contact with us on a regular basis, updating Atalia's progress and sending pictures. Atalia is by far a perfect little dog. We love her so much. We feel very lucky to have found Amy. The Wise family really cares about their puppies. We will most likely be purchasing a second Italian Greyhound from the Wise family later this year. Thanks again Amy Wise!!

Reviewer: Jean, April 22, 2010 Happy in New Mexico!!

After three years of preparing our family and our home for an IG puppy and thorough research on the breed and breeders, we found the Wise Family. We could not have hoped for a happier, well-socialized dog. There is no person or situation our pup doesn't meet with confidence and joy. She's been easy to train as well, picking up voice commands, hand signals, etc. rapidly. After seeing so many IGs of late, I am repeatedly impressed by what a physically beautiful and perfect example of the breed we have.

Reviewer: Sarah, December 30, 2009

great puppy

I recieved a puppy from Amy on June 5th, he arrived in great condition and very, very well socialized. I am very happy with my purchase. Karen Zamora

Reviewer: karen, June 29, 2009

Highly Recommend!

I just recently got an Italian Greyhound puppy from Amy and her family and I can't tell you how pleased I am with not only the puppy I got, but also their other dogs and animals, the way they take care of business and stay in contact with you, and their overall knowledge and respect they have for their dogs. My little puppy Dash came home and socialized right away!! My parents have an Italian Greyhound and Dash wanted to play with her and chase her (even though she was alot bigger than him) If you are looking for a great breeder that not only has quality dogs, but raises them to have social personalities and be loving and suitable for a pup from Amy! I will definitely buy more than one from her when the time comes...They are great!!!!

Reviewer: Kacy, June 13, 2009

A"MEI"zing Performance Border Collie!

We purchased Mystic Mei from Amy Wise almost a year ago and couldn't be more pleased with our Border Collie! She fit right in with our other 3 and gets along great with our now 5 Border Collies. When Mei came to us, she was clean, healthy, spunky puppy that was ready to start her new life with us as soon as we picked her up from the airport. Mei has now become an a"mei"zing performance dog and family pet above all. She's currently doing dog shows with us; introduction to agility. She's also working her way up to become an amazing disc dog. We hope to even start thepary with Mei Mei. Thank you, Amy! See more of Mei and how she's grown on our website:

Reviewer: Elise, April 22, 2009


What to say about family Wise.They are great people and they take care of their dogs.Mason was 9 weeks old when i picked him up.healthy,clean,loved,well mannered.but what really amazed me is that when i came to their house they gave me little blanket for him.if you are looking for a healthy border collie or ig contact Wise family

Reviewer: larisa, March 24, 2009


I purchased my IG in May from Amy and her wonderful family. I am in the military and have a hectic schedule. Amy worked with me to figure out the best delivery date. She kept in constant contact updating me on the puppy. The special day arrived; Amy emailed confirming his departure and called me just as I arrived at the airport. Once I got him home and he was fully settled in quick. When we went to my Vet for a check-up, she commented on how well mannered and socialized he was. She made it a point to tell me to thank the breeder because she did a great job with this puppy! Marcello (my puppy from Amy) has been on many road trips with me. We go to the cabin once a month and he plays in the woods, water, and with my uncles Lab like there was no size difference. He even got along with my friends three cats! I took him home back in July to Boston for a family BBQ and my mom’s birthday. He was a big hit. He loved everyone and everyone loved him and tried to take him home

Reviewer: Jon, October 27, 2008

an exceptional breeder

amy wise is the the most thuoughtfull caring breeder i have met!! she cares about all of her babies as she calls them.i would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a healty well looked after puppy. she should be reconized for all she does for the breed, and for the care she gives to each and everyone of her new born pups!! thanks amy you are great!!!

Reviewer: don, October 17, 2008


We received our IG and she is amazing…smart, outgoing, energetic and loves to cuddle. She is exactly as the breeder described her and more. They made the whole process very easy. They were prompt in responses in email and on phone, both before and after purchase. The prices are some of the best around. I highly recommend going through Amy and Paul for an Italian Greyhound puppy. They are genuine, helpful people who really care about their animals. We are grateful to have found them.

Reviewer: Michelle, July 26, 2008


Amy Wise (and her awesome family) were a pleasure to interact with. We are lucky enough to live within a couple of hours of her. She allowed us into her home to meet the puppies and the other animals she keeps as pets. Her animals are all members of the family. We could truely tell that she loves raising IG pups. I would highly recommend getting your IG from her. Our new IG is a joy and a perfect addition to our family. Thanks Amy and family! :0)

Reviewer: Kelly, February 27, 2008

Great with Italian Greyhounds

I purchased a little girl , from Amy and was very amazed , with her professionalism , and concern for the health and welfare of her dogs. My girl arrived all safe and warm , and was so sweet and gentle. I was very pleased at her conformation, and background of my baby. I would definately recommend anyone to think about contacting Amy , if wanting to buy a IG from her for any reason , be it companion , or show prospect. I am available for a reference ,in the great personality , my little girl had , and she is already paper trained. Thanks Again Amy , she will be a Great addition to my family. Bob

Reviewer: robert, December 20, 2007

Male Italian Greyhound in Alaska

We bought a blue and white male Italian Greyhound from Amy Wise and here family. We love our little boy (Ranger) he has the best personality of my 3 IGs, he is such a love and is not timid at all like IG’s are famous for being. We take him everywhere and he loves to see new people, unlike my other 2 he will come right up to you and give you a kiss. I highly recommend the Wise family to anyone looking for a very loving Italian greyhound. A lot of breeders say that there puppies are family raised but they are not. But these puppies are definitely family raised and their personality shows it. Ranger has the personality of a golden retriever not an IG he wants to be in someone’s lap getting kisses or he wants to play fetch or tug-o-war. Thank you so much for our very loving little boy we adore him. Sincerely Karen Waszak

Reviewer: Karen, September 19, 2007

Great experience with the Wise family.

We picked up our puppy about 4 weeks ago. He is wonderful and we have not had any problems at all. The Wise family was very kind and helpful. They are an honest and trustworthy breeder.

Reviewer: Karen, July 1, 2007

Mystic Jewel

To anyone who may hesitate in buying an Italian Greyhound via internet, you need not look any further than the Wise Family. I have the most beautiful, well-adjusted, healthy Italian Greyhound sitting on my lap as I write this review. Amy and Paul are wonderful, kind, down-to-earth people. From the time my baby was a week old till the day I received her, they kept in touch with me, described how she was doing and what her personality was like. I received pics and e-mails faithfully. They answered all my questions, no matter how frivolous they may have been. They were honest and accurate....they KNOW their dogs. I was very comfortable with them from day one! God Bless Amy, Paul and their family!! A very sincere Thank You for our happy little girl!

Reviewer: gloria, June 21, 2007

Love Our Baby

Amy and Paul are wonderful. They are exactly what they say that they are, a family. Our puppy, "Demi", is absolutely precious. You can tell that she was raised in a family full of love. We waited a long time for her, but it was worth every second. It's nice to know that there are such good, honest, people left in this world. Hats off to the Wise family. If your looking for a puppy, these are the people that you want to get it from.

Reviewer: Melody, June 5, 2007

Wonderful Breeders!

We bought our Italian Greyhound from Amy and we just love her!! They were very easy to work with and very helpful with any questions we had. Our puppy Iris arrived to us happy and healthy. Thank you very much for our little girl!

Reviewer: Member, May 8, 2007


We are totally happy with our puppy. She is so smart and sweet. We are so glad to have met the Wise Family, and we definately recommend this breeder to anyone who is looking for this breed. Tessa is a beautiful female. At nine weeks old, she is totally litter trained and she is already responding to commands. We look forward to a lifetime with her. Thank you.

Reviewer: Linda, January 24, 2007

Everything went perfect

I also looked for Italian Greyhounds in my state, and there were hardly any options. We found Amy and Paul on Puppyfind and have never had a dog or an animal shipped. The unique shipping situation that Amy and Paul had in place fit our needs great. The puppy was described accurately over the phone. I felt like Amy kept in contact and I was always able to get a hold of someone to make sure everything was on course. The puppy is great, my kids love her. Everything went perfect! Thanks guys! Jared and Laura

Reviewer: laura, January 22, 2007

Fantastic Seller! Beautiful puppy!

When I decided I wanted to get an Italian Greyhound puppy, I was dissappointed to find that there weren't any breeders in my area. I was a little apprehensive about buying a puppy online, but from the moment I made contact with Amy, she put my fears to rest. She was very willing to answer questions and we kept in very close contact from the minute I showed interest to the day my puppy arrived home! She has been exceptionaly helpful and the transaction went very smooth! I very much appreciated the training tips, as I am a first time dog owner and she has expressed that if I have any other questions, I can call her any time! My puppy is absolutely beautiful, well tempered, and extremely social! I would reccommend her to my friends without a second thought! Thanks Amy!

Reviewer: Jessica, January 22, 2007



Reviewer: h, January 20, 2007


I was so pleased with the Wise family. When our flight was cancelled due to bad weather, the Wise family did everything they could to find another way. Gracie is so cute with a wonderful personality. Great job, will do business again

Reviewer: Tina, January 14, 2007

Adorable and spunky

I just got my new puppy home. She is adorable and has the best personality. She is playful and independant but loves to cuddle.

Reviewer: Cindy, January 13, 2007

Satisfied customer

I purchased a male border collie from Amy Wise in April 2008 and everything was fantastic. Mrs. Wise gave me a packet of information regarding raising a puppy and a CD of pictures from birth til I picked him up. She was very friendly and the atmosphere for the animals is clean. They are all well taken care of and looked after. I highly recommend her if you're interested in purchasing a border collie or italian greyhounds.

Reviewer: jenisa, June 17, 2008

Mystic Mei ++ Awesome Breeder ++ Amazing Puppy

Mystic Mei is one amazing puppy that we purchased from Wise Family Border Collies in Texas. Amy Wise is one amazing breeder. She raises very nice puppies and we couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. Mei came to us in a crate big enough to grow up in. She’s a very happy, playful, and active puppy that is always on the go. We’ve already introduced her to the other animals and they all love Mei. Our little puppy is already taking very nicely to to her disc dog training and quickly takes on to everything that we teach her. She even came to us loving water. We enjoy taking her to the park everyday to go play in the creek with our other Border Collies. They all have a blast. Mei can even be let off leash when we play with her like the other dogs because she never even tries to run off. We've had no trouble from her. We expect Mei to make an amazing disc and flyball dog. Watch out for her in the future in the tournaments. Thank you so much Amy for an amazing puppy.

Reviewer: Elise, May 28, 2008

Great Puppy/Great Breeder

I am very lucky to have such a great addition to my family. Bijoux is a very happy, playful, smart (maybe too smart for her own good) 11 week old puppy. She is adjusting to her new home fairly quickly. She is great around other animals and loves everyone she meets. She arrived in a good size crate with a little "puppy pack" which included food, health information, certificate and a CD with her baby pictures. Amy was very accommodating with my needs (she held Bijoux until I returned from vacation). The process was fast with excellent communication. You can tell Amy truely cares about her puppies and their safe arrival to their new home. I would reccommend Amy and her puppies to anyone. Thanks Amy!

Reviewer: Cara, May 15, 2008


I just wanted to say we love our little girl! She is the smartest puppy I have ever seen! She already knows the sit, down ant stay command, is housebroke and is just a total joy to be around. She even knows to go to her crate when we say bedtime! We are happy we waited for the right breeder. Thanks again Amy.

Reviewer: ashley, May 7, 2008

Superior breeder w/outstanding puppies & service

Our family is absolutely thrilled with the Border Collie puppy purchased from Amy. He was wonderfully socialized, adjusted quickly to his new home & was very easy to house-train. Brinks has proven to be the smartest, mellowest, sweetest dog I have ever known. He is so trainable that he can get new commands in as little as 30 mins of training. His understanding of speech amazes everyone, and he's famous in the neighborhood for his athleticism, obedience and intelligence. He can catch a Frisbee with unbelievable flair! Amy's dedication to both her puppies and her buyers is incredible. I would highly recommend Amy's puppies, without any hesitation, to anyone who is looking for an excellent, true-to-breed Border Collie, as the championship bloodline is very obvious in her pups. Amy takes great care to ensure her puppies get to their new homes safely with whatever their owners need to get them settled. Our personal experience has been extremely rewarding, and we're BC fans for life.

Reviewer: Jackie, June 6, 2007